Pelerio of Aritao wins Tour of Vizcaya - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Pelerio of Aritao wins Tour of Vizcaya

By on May 21, 2015

Samuel Coloma of Team Dupax finished first in the fourth and final lap of Tour of Vizcaya that stretches from Capitol to Bagabag to Villaverde to Solano (and goes back to Bagabag for two more rounds) before going back to the Capitol on May 20.

But Dennis Pelerio of Team Aritao maintains the individual over-all standing and was the champion of the Tour of Nueva Vizcaya 2015. Jason Omalio, also of Aritao, was second over-all and Randy Miranda of Team Bambang was third over-all.

Pelerio was also the winner in the first lap from Capitol to Dalton Pass, then back to Capitol that left Omalio 100 meters behind on May 17.
A former champion at the Carmona Bikefest, Joseph Salcedo of Team Bagabag captured the second lap on May 18 from Capitol to Aritao (via Bagabag, Villaverde, Solano, La Torre of Bayombong, to Dupax Norte and Sur).

Aritao Mayor Lucita Tan and Vice Mayor Ruben Sayo sponsored a special ceremony and awarded cash to top 5 finishers plus trophy to the top 3 finishers.
Jersey #1 of Miranda tried to prove he’s number one when he led the third lap from Capitol to Salinas to Kayapa down to Dupax Sur and Norte then back to Capitol on May 19. Miranda won the “Summit” and was privileged to be called “King of the Mountain.”

The fourth lap was team time trial wherein Team Aritao A took the lead over-all. Team Bambang was second and Team Bagabag was third. Team Aritao B, Team Solano and Team Dupax took fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

There were 31 riders with 14-year-old Gerald Domenden of Solano who will take all the special awards for the youngest rider beating two other fourteeners. Domenden was ranked 13 over-all. Franco Gines was always the last finisher in all the laps but will receive a special award being the oldest at 65.
Awarding of winners will be held on May 24 during the culminating activity of the 2015 Ammungan.

Vice Governor Lambert Galima, director general of 2015 Ammungan, witnessed all the laps of Tour of Vizcaya and was happy with the success of the cycling event. Galima thanked FEESAP (the team of marshals from Manila) and some local marshals for the technical support they had given.

Board Member Nestor Sevillena, the race chairman, hopes that a more organized and bigger cycling tour will be held next year. ‪#‎bglorenzo‬