Nueva Vizcaya’s Grand Ammungan seen to promote local culture - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Nueva Vizcaya’s Grand Ammungan seen to promote local culture

By on May 20, 2015

In a press conference held last May 9, Vice Governor Epifanio Lambert Galima, Jr., Director General of 2015 Grand Ammungan, made it certain that this year’s festival will help discover local culture and tradition. The same is envisioned to preserve and promote the true identity that defines the existence of a true Novo Vizcayano.

“We are at a lost as to the culture of Nueva Vizcaya. Thus, it is through this year’s Grand Ammungan celebration that we will determine the true culture that best describes the true Novo Vizcayano. We shall relearn what kind of culture we have. We shall determine the true culture of the Tribu Vizcayano. And, we shall pass it on to our children so we can see hope that the same will continue to exist as the theme would suggest “Gapuanan iti Namnama,” the Vice Governor said.

One of the scheduled activities is that of the Indigenous People’s Day. The event aims to showcase tribal traditions, customs, beliefs and rituals including those of the Gaddangs of Solano, Bayombong and Bagabag; the Isinais of Bambang, Dupax del Norte and Dupax del Sur; and, those of the Kalanguyas and Igorots of upland municipalities.

This will be participated by the Isinai tribe in the towns of Bambang, Dupax del Norte, Dupax del Sur and Aritao and the Gaddang tribe from the towns of Bayombong, Solano and Bagabag, among others.

Local residents are also encouraged to support the preservation project of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources on fish “ludong.” The local specie have been living the water systems surrounding the municipality the Alfonso Castañeda before its existence had been threatened due to the operations of a power producing firm.

Meanwhile, it was projected that tourists and visitors will be able to experience “life in the barrios.” As a matter of fact, a cook fest using organic and products will be held in order to make young generations be imbibed with the rich cultural practices of the forefathers of the province.

The Vice Governor cum Director General of this year’s celebration was also caught in saying, “we wanted that our products and produce will be known to be of Vizcaya origin and not of Baguio particularly our vegetables in Kayapa town and even those of locally grown flowers .”

In an earlier meeting, it was disclosed that a public bidding for the 2015 Grand Ammungan Festival was held last April 8 at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Session Hall. It falls under the administration’s priority of promoting an accountable and transparent government to which Governor Ruth Raña Padilla said “If we cannot commit ourselves to honesty, transparency and accountability then nothing good will enable us to follow the right path. As such, we must work hard and do well in exchange to what our people have entrusted upon us all.” #‎jeremy‬