Congressman Padilla pushes for citrus development - Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines
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Congressman Padilla pushes for citrus development

By on May 20, 2015

Bayombong – Local farmers posed request for the establishment of a Citrus Resources and Development Center in the province. They seek to maximize the availability of fertile soil and climate conducive for citrus propagation it being considered as the citrus capital of the country.

They are asking the government for support to augment their needs in the production of citrus varieties which are often exported to other countries. Figures show that the Philippines contribute around 163,090 metric tons or 16% of the world’s total produce. Producers cultivate around 35,000 hectares.

“Although the country produces enough citrus not only for local consumption but also for export, still a lot of fruits go to waste. One of the major constraints identified is the inefficient postharvest handling system. It is ideal that farmers maintain postharvest conditions so that deterioration is minimized and quality is preserved,” Congressman Padilla said.

Another problem being considered is the lack of training and skills on the part of farmers in maximizing citrus production. As such, it was recommended that trainings, equipment and necessary facilities be provided.

Seeing all these problems, Congressman Carlos M. Padilla responded by filing House Bill No. 4509 which seeks to establish the Philippine Citrus Resources Development Center in the Nueva Vizcaya State University in Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya. Accordingly, “the approval of the bill will harness the potentials of the citrus industry as a dollar earner that will augment the revenues of the government that can be used to deliver more basic services to the people.” Padilla ended. #jeremy